Closing Activity

Closing Activity

All good things come to and end and that saying also goes for our local project Integration and Socialization of Refugee Youth into Social Life. We spent three weeks doing various activities, such as painting, music, sport, craft workshops and field trips.

As the final closing of the project, we held evaluation meeting in Serdivan cafe near Porsuk river. The meeting consisted of a small questioner for participant with general questions about the project activities, their personal impression, comments, suggestions for further actions, favorite and least favorite activities.

The aim of this was getting feedback and improving our further work for our upcoming project that will start in a few weeks and it is focused on local youth.

After the questioner, we played a small game. Each present person was sitted in the middle of room, with her back turned to others. The person said their favorite and most memorable moment of the activities and after that the others needed to describe that person in one word. The aim of that game was to see how well did the participants connect and which impression did they make on others.

Future is ahead of us, we are looking forward to our upcoming project and making new unforgettable memories.