Çiğ köfte Culinary Workshop

Çiğ köfte Culinary Workshop

Çiğ köfte is famous Turkish dish that has been present more then 3000 years ago. In the original recipe is made out of raw ground beef meet. In Turkish, çiğ means “raw” and köfte means meatball.

But in most of the Turkey is served in vegetarian version with ground bulgur. It is common street food and you can find it in two variants, either in durum version or on a plate served as appetizer or side dish. If it is served in a plate it usually comes with leaves of lettuce, which you roll over the kofte. In the durum version, the bulgur mixture with spices is put on lavas bread with tomatoes, lettuce, pomegranate sauce and spicy sauce.

To honor this delicious dish, we organized a culinary workshop with original recipe with the help of our partner institution Tepebasi Social Foundation and Organization. In the space of International kitchen of their organization, under the instructions of local master of Çiğ köfte, we witnessed and try out ourselves the making of this dish.

The first step was mixing small type of bulgur with spices and tomato paste. After that the raw ground meet was added and the whole mixture was blended around one hour with the hands. The last step was adding parsley and onion to the mixture. After that we enjoyed in the threat that we made.

Due to limited space and corona restrictions this workshop was attended by 15 participants.