Changing your habits, changing yourself

Changing your habits, changing yourself

Each of have some routine that we fulfill on daily basis, whether is it drinking your morning coffee, doing exercise, writing a journal, meditate, having a breakfast, going to the gym, etc. Habit are defined as small decisions you make and actions you perform every day, it is basically your way of living. Practicing good habits lead to more productive day and fulfilling life. Good habits leads to a good state of mind, because we take care of ourselves and work on improving ourselves. Habits shapes you and make you a person who you are.

But often we are stuck in a circle of bad habits and we don’t know how to escape that circle. We are getting up late, eating unhealthy, smoking, drinking, not doing any exercise, we fell demotivated, we neglect our obligations, we spend a lot of time watching series, playing games, we leave in a messy space avoiding doing the things that lead to more productive life. But each day is important, because what we will do today will reflect on us tomorrow and shape our future. Step by step we are creating our life, the beginning of change is the hardest part, but it is necessary if we want to make something of our selves. If you look at all the successful people today, they did not get there by laying in bed and staring at the tv all day, it was simply result of good implement habits like: reading on daily basic, waking up in the morning, making a plan, etc.

We will give you some tips on how to escape that circle and just bare in mind the amount of time you put into some habit, is not so relevant, even practicing good habits 10 minutes per day can do wonders for you well being.

1.Wake up early

This is probably the hardest thing to do. When we are used to go to bed late and wake up in the afternoon, this can be quite challenging thing , especially for young people. But it is a life changing action, regulating our sleep pattern helps us regulate our life. If we get up early, there is a non explainable motivation awoken within us, a desire to be productive, because we have the whole day ahead of us and we can do everything that is in our mind. We need to use the sun, we are meant to be awake during the day and by starting your day early, you will have time for everything, for obligations, work, school, workout, friends. Your life will get in order in this way.

2.Make a plan

Make a plan for future, set a goal for yourself, what do you want to do, who do you want to be. Imagine a future version of yourselves and plan a steps on daily basis how to accomplished that plan. Because every dream is first made by vision, then comes the plan, then follow the steps of your plan and before you know it, you reached your goal. Also plan your daily activities, not all of them of course, but set a list of the things you want to do and you will do that day.

3.Start eating healthy

In healthy body there is healthy mind. The food we put in ourselves reflects a lot on our physical level of energy and also our brain. If we fell tired all the times, off course we wont be motivated to do anything. And the more we eat unhealthy, the more we crave unhealthy. But our body is a machine and it needs a proper oil to function, so we should take care of it. By adding vegetables and fruit in your diet, whole grains, proteins, you will feel a difference. It does not need to be nothing extreme, just add healthy foods to you meal and you will see improvement in your energy and also brain functions.

4.Start Reading

You can do it in the morning while drinking your coffee, 5 pages per day, can make a book per month. Start reading about the topic that you are interested in, something that will help your future, some knowledge on business, some self-improvement book, spiritual books, motivational books. On subconscious level it will influence you mind. We can say it is sort of brainwashing but in a good way.

5.Start cleaning

If we are in a messy surrounding we feel demotivated and all of that mess distract our mind. It is often that we hear that students before studying clean as an excuse for not to study, but the truth is that they need clean and nice space so they can focus on their tasks. Also having a lot of stuff around is distracting, so you should practice minimalism. It will make you life more simple and help you to focus on important things.


Start walking, do yoga, start running, do any type of moving that you feel comfortable with. Our body are meant to be used, it is not natural for our bodies just to sit and lay. Also it will promote your circulation of blood which will help your brain to be more sharp and usable. Exercise also promote production of happy hormones, serotonin and endorphins, which will make you automatically more satisfied and give you more willingness for life and energy.

7.Manage your money

A lot of people have issue with this one. They receive some money and they spend it without thinking, buying stuff they don’t need or will never use. They spend all the money they have, then they are without the money again and so on in circle. But managing and distributing your money properly is the key of balanced life. If we don’t have money we don’t feel so god, we feel depressed, we cannot do the things we want, we fell like we are not equal to the society or not worthy. Money should not be something that determines you value and happiness, but also without it we cannot be active part of society. So manage your money, and don’t be one of those who waste their money, but don’t have a solid base for it. Live in moderation, it is simple as that.

8.Do your daily obligations

Don’t neglect your work, education, family obligations. If you do them you will get the feeling of accomplishment and feel motivated to continue and it will give you the feeling of purpose in the world. We all search for our purpose all our life, the truth is there is no one, it is about excepting the life and just live it. When we do thing, nonmatter which things, our mind is focused on that so we forget to think. Overthinking is never a good idea.

9.Don’t procrastinate

Don’t delay stuff and wait for the last minute to do them, it will just make you stressful. Maybe some people are more productive when they are pushed, but in general stress in never a good think. In the phycology of choice, frustration lead to 4 outcomes: depression, anxiety, stress and production. As we can see, it is more negative outcomes then positive ones. So don’t even get yourself a chance to choose one of them.

10.Think positively

Our cognitive processes creates our emotions, if we have bad thoughts, we will feel bad. Don’t let your mind be negative. It is hard to do so, but start by appreciating everything you have in life, your family, friends, education opportunities, job, because not all people have the things you have. Be nice and kind to people, see good in them. Each of us have our struggles but when we spoke about them they reduce and you will have more clearer mind. Release all the bad thought and emotions from you so you can restart yourself. The worst thing we can do is hold everything inside of us, because then it is eating us inside. So let your thought free and start with the new, healthy and more positive ones. There is so much beauty in this world that we often don’t see. Appreciate the nature, the books, animals, look at the world with the eyes of the child.