Due to the fact that Proder NGO is a new organization that has started to implement its activities for most of 2021, we propose that the first annual report be related for this year.

Also, our organization has experienced an extraordinary growth in terms of the team in the first part of 2021, which gives us the opportunity to continue to grow. We plan for this year to be a year in which we deliver as much value as possible to the society and community in which we operate. We also plan for the Proder team to continue to grow this year and beyond. Our organization wants to become one of the most important pawns in solving social problems.

Thus, in the report that we intend to deliver to the interested persons, you will find information related to our activity in 2021, statistics related to these activities, the projects that we have completed, we are carrying out and that we want to start. This year will be an extremely promising year for our organization and we promise to grow and help the community as much as possible.