PRODER is a non-governmental organization established in a beautiful city in the middle of Turkey, Eskişehir. Our most important action is the creation of many projects. All of these projects are born as a way to observe and analyse some relevant topics, such as Disability, European Citizenship, Health, Intercultural Dialogue, Leadership, Media and Communication, Sport and Youth Policy.


  • Our main goal, when developing a new project, is to help spreading the voice and ideas of young people. All the participants in our projects come from anywhere in the world, and they are the main actors in all the possible activities.
  • Our role, as an organization, is to channel all these voices and to make them heard on both national and international level. As we mentioned, our organization works by preparing new projects, by building a network with the international environment and by integrating youths from different parts of the world.
  • Our main work focuses on enabling young people to seize opportunities; consequently, young people will embark on a journey towards self-awareness: they will have the possibility to learn more about themselves, about their skills and possibilities. This, of course, will give them a chance to develop their abilities and learn new things, leading them to a better consciousness about themselves and other people and possibly helping the growth of an higher self-esteem.