5th September 2021 – International Charity Day

5th September 2021 – International Charity Day

The 5th of September we celebrate International Day of Charity. As an NGO, in Proder we want to commemorate and worship our own as well as other solidarity projects and actions. 

Charity is and has always been a fundamental part of humanity. Helping others is basic human instinct; it is related to social survival, development and empathy. When we help others we create new social and intercultural bonds, and we also develop ourselves. Research has shown that charitable actions have depression lowering effects and boost happiness in your brain. Helping is self-fulfilling, and it doesn’t have to be necessarily related to money; it can be as easy as giving some help to your local circle or volunteering in your country or abroad. 

The holiday was established by the United Nations on this specific date to commemorate the death of Mother Theressa of Calcutta the 5th of September 1997. Mother Teresa was a missionary nun who dedicated her life to charity and helping the poor. She moved to India and created the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta in 1950. Her work has been internationally recognized; she is famous all over the world and she was granted the Nobel Prize due to her work. 

The 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development has as one of its main goals erasing poverty and work towards sustainable development. Charity and solidarity in any of its forms: public, private, done by people, entities or governments, is part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda. 

With the creation of International Charity Day the UN seeks to promote help and acknowledge solidarity actions all over the globe. A more sustainable world that respects Human Rights can only be achieved with solidarity and equality. The UN’s 2030 Agenda acknowledges inequality as one of the main causes of poverty. Charity is a big step for the development of societies, and it is directed towards many areas: health, education, housing, families, children, women, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, victims of wars, and other vulnerable communities. 

In Proder we are devoted to helping others with international and local projects. Until now we have been working with intercultural projects such as boosting social inclusion, feeding animals, working with refugees and donating masks and sanitizers. We also make projects focused on social integration of elderly people, and we have many project plans and ideas for the future. 

Irene Adolph Crespo