10 REASONS to choose Turkey as your Erasmus Exchange/ESC destination

10 REASONS to choose Turkey as your Erasmus Exchange/ESC destination

It is a great step in our lives when we deside to move abroad. It requires a lot of courage and strenght of will to do such a thing. Its a life adventure and also an oportunity to live completely different life, it is like having more lifes in one. You are discovering new You and it widens your horizonts in a most unexpected way. That is exactly why Erasmus+ program is perfect for young people and if You desides to do such a thing, it will bring many benefits to You.

Wheather You are doing Exchange or ESC, you will gain a lot of valuable skills.

If You are a student, every Faculty has different approach to studies, different courses and you will be represented with many knowledges.

Talking about Internship, it is always a good idea to do one. To gain experience in Your area, to live in a world of adults, where you have obligations and where you are learning something that will benefit for you in future.

Doing an ESC, is maybe the greatest of these programs, spending one year in a country, volunteering for an organisation, make you contribute to the society and create a better world for everyone of us.

Out of so many countries on your list, You are probably wandering why choose Turkey. Well, we will give You 10 reasons why do such a thing. Althought maybe You never consider it, we hope this article will point out some of many positive sides of coming to Turkey.

1.Moving out of Your comfort zone

First and the most obvious reason to do any type of Exchange, Internship or ESC is to make a change in your life. When we are young and unexperienced there is a certain fear present that does not let us take off to an adventure. But adventure is what make you feel alive. European countries are different, but then again in a way they are very similar. Most of the youth deside to do an exchange or any sort of Erasmus+ program in West European countries or in Central Europe. It is something that they are familiar with and it is a sort of safe space. But when talking about Turkey, it is something completely different and not a lot of people deside to come here. But the magic of Turkey and living here is exactly in that, to experience new thing and challenge yourself in many ways.


There is no Turkey without Turkish food. In Europe, we all know about burek, kebap and baklava, but thoose are just a glimps of the real Turkish food. When coming to Turkey, dont even consider any type of diet, the food is everywhere around you and it so delicious and diverse. You will face type of food that you cannot find in any other place. The food in general is very heavy, mostly consisted of bread and meat such as lamb, beef and chicken ( bare in mind there is no pork in Turkey). There are many cities famous for specific type of food and in general every city has its recognizable dish, like city Urfa and Urfa Kebap, like Eskisehir and ciborek and the list goes on. For thoose who have sweet tooth, there is endlees list of sweets, but interesting is that most of them are not chocolate based, they are made from all types of nuts (with domination of pisstachio), dried fruit, orhid flower…It is like the magical world of different tastes that is present here, But words cannot describe it properly.


Turkey is a big country, with more that 80 million people. Big country means that you have endlees oportunities for travelling, Wheather you like mountains and skiing, or hot weather and beaches, mountains, nature, dry rubble, desserts, Turkey has it all. There are also salt lakes, spring water, you name it, you will find it. Futhermore, a lot of historic places, that do not even encoure on your mind and You come here and discover how many places there is to visit, that a lifetime here would not be enought to see everything.

Also, one of the crucial thing when travelling is transportation and Turkey has a great cheap domestic transportation web. You can travel via plane, bus or fast train to any possible destination. In smaller places you have a specific type of taxi called dolmos, which you can stop at any certain point in the middle of the road.

4.Different Culture

There is a certain thing when you are travelling and that is that after every travel, you feel so much richer, but not in a material way; in spiritual, emotional and life way. Coming to Turkey and seeing how people live here will make you take and implement part of their culture in your life. People here are maybe not the richest but they certainly live very nicely. They appreciate simple things, like food, hamams, drinks, music, culture, friends and offcourse family is out of mayor importance here.

It is interesting, that there way of living is very abundant, colourfull and and every essence of their life make you feel like royalty. There food is divine like it is made for sultans, there music is bit sad, emotional and maybe even dramatic, there drinks are unique. But there way od approaching life is just simple happyness in small things.

There is a great mixture of cultures present here, mostly arabic influence and there is a lot of migrants that brought there culture here and embed it into this county.

Even the things like hearing Ezan will contibute to full Turkish experience. Their art is mostly craft art like pottery and working with glass, wood or stone.

Everything about the Pottery Town Avanos, Cappadocia |

One of the interesting thing is also construction of streets, in Europe every streets is made by using geometrical ground plan, but here there is no such a thing, it is a bit chaotic and traffic is a bit crazy, but then again why should everything be in order.


Turkish language is not the most simple language to learn, unlike European Languages (exept maybe Hungarian), there construction of sentences are not at all like European. From the order in the sentence, words that are unknows and unfamiliar to our ear, but still they sound so similar.

One of the most interesting thing in Turkish language is a vocal harmony, that make your words flow. Forming of the sentences will make your head blow, because there is a lot of sufixes and possesives that you need to add in just one simple world.

But it is a challenge, and althought in Instanbul You may manage with English, in other parts of the Turkey, except young people, not a lot of people know English, You will be forced to learn at least basics, but after some time, you will feel soo good when You start to talk Turkish with locals and actually understand what are they saying. And knowing another language enriches Your life.


Talking about prices, Turkey is a very cheap destination. From clothes, flat rent, food, drinks, tickets, travelling, You will fell like a king or queen here. Everything is affordable, especially if You are coming from Europe. Well actually, there is one exception, and that is alcohol, due to big state taxes, alcohol here is a bit more expensive then in European countries.

7.Great History

We all know about Ottoman Empire and their influence in Europe. But not a lot us are aware that all the beginnings of Civilization started here. This is a country where first Human settlement was established, this is a country where cilivization of Mezopotamia took place, the place Romans are Greeks had their colonies and settlement. This is a country from where Saint Nicholas is originated, where is a birthplace of Virgin Mary. Place where Phrygians and Hittite lived.

There is a lot of archeological places remained to this day that witness these facts. Many monuments, coloseums, churches, temples, gates, necropolis, remains of the cities, reliefs. For all history lovers, this is a great place to see all the places that all of us learned during our middle school or high scool.

8.Meeting New People

Offcourse, every travel is an oportunity to meet people. The great things is that not only You will meet other foreigners who came to this country, but You will also interact with Turkish people. Young people are very social and approachable. You will learn a lot just by speaking with them. Friendships made while being abroad are special because You give oportunity and make friendship with most unlikely people and they became your lifelong friends.

9.Experiencing Turkish Hospitality

You will feel like home in this country very fast, althought You will face language barrier, people will still interact with You or at leats try. People in Turkey are very welcoming and it is a country well known for it.

10.Removing the Stereotypes

Today, we are all exposed to an certain image of certain country, mostly the media are thoose who create that image in our mind. We all have some prejudices and stereotipes about nationalities. But living in an foreigner country in new enviroment, make you realised that we are all the same, althought some cultural differences are present, we are all still humans who share the same space on this earth. Turkey is much more than what is presented to us and it is time to remove stereotypes in general.

There is one bad thing in all off this and that is that after visiting or living in Turkey, it will be very hard for to go back to Your normal life.