10 Reasons to study in Eskişehir

10 Reasons to study in Eskişehir

Eskişehir is well known in Turkey as a student city. There is more than 60.000 students living and studying in Eskisehir. It is a lovely city full of life and young people. Just by walking down the street you can feel the vibe of youth. The city is crowded with young people, pubs, caffes, restaurants, shops, malls…

In this article we will give you a 10 reasons why Eskişehir is a great place to study.

1.Good Universities

Eskişehir has 3 Universities: Anadolu University, Osmangazi University and Eskişehir Tehnical University, which are among the best ones in all the Turkey. Anadolu University has been ranked 1st from all the Universities in Turkey. Which ever area you are interested, You can find a program for it, wheather is a bachelor, master or Phd program on English or Turkish.

2.Cheap, affordable

Eskişehir is among cheapest places in Turkey. All the prices are very suitable for student life, from flats, which are usually between 500-700 turkish lira, restaurants with an average price for a meal that costs 8-18 turkish lira, cheap public transport, groceries…

3.Small city

Eskişehir is a small city with a bit more than 800.000 citizent. But living in a small city has a lot of advantages. The centar of city is quite small and you can reach every destination easily with tram or by walking or biking. That means you dont waste a lot of time on traffic jams, and all the Universities are very close to center. Even if you want to take a break from city crowd, the nearest park are 20 minutes away with public transports. Majority of city life revolves around Porsuk river.

4.NIght life/pubs/bars

Its essencial part of every student life to have active social nightlife. Wheatever you are fan of turkish traditional music or rock, tehno, Eskişehir has a lot of places that suits everyones taste. Most of the youngsters gather at “pub” street where there are often live jams, concerts, karaoke and good deals on beverages.

5.Good location

Eskişehir is located in nortwest of Turkey, wright between Istanbul and Ankara which you can reach within an hour with fast train. Also a lot of bus companies are opperating on daily basis in the city and you can reach every city in Turkey. There is also Eskişehir airport so you can even travel abroad or to some other turkish city. Pegazus company is the most famous low budget turkish company with great deals for domestic flights.

6. Good food


You will never be hungry in Eskişehir. Literaly there are places to eat every few meters or even lees. From kebap, gozleme, kokorec, durum, burek, pastry shops, kofte, name it and you will find it on the streets. There are also food chains franchizes, something like a Turkish mcdonalds but for durum. Except restaurants and “fast food” object, you can find people selling chesnuts, corn, rice and the most popular simit bagel on the street stands. There are also student restaurants. But the prices of food are every cheap wherever you deside to eat. The most well known Eskişehir dish is ciborek and balaban kebap.

7.Historical and cultural city

Eskişehir in literall translations from turkish means old city. Its the city with very old history dating from 1000 B.C. There are many artifacts, sculptures and buildings remained from that period. You can find a variety of differnt themed museums like:  Dünya Müzeleri Müzesi or Museum of World Museums, Eti Archaeology Museum, Aviation Museum, Meerschaum Museum, Museum of Independence, Museum of Modern Glass Art, Tayfun Talipoğlu Typewriter Museum, Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Museum and the Odunpazarı Modern Museu.

8. International enviroment

Thanks to the great University programs, a lot of foreign students deside to study in Eskişehir. It is common for young people to know how to speak English. Althought in this time of pandemic, the classes are online, but you can still here some people speaking English on the streets.

9. Nice parks

There are a lot of parks in Eskişehir , but the most famous ones are located on the outskirts of the city: Sazova, Kent park and Seale park. It is often that people spend their weekend day, doing some sport activities or just relaxing and having picnik. It is also common to se student sitting and chilling next to the Porsuk river, especially in warmer days. Whenever You feel like you need a break from study, there are a lot of green surfaces in the city where you can relax and restore or study for the exams.

10. Seasons

One of the things the world is missing today are seasons, but in Eskişehir you have everything. You have snow during the winter with nicely decorated streets, flowers in spring, hot long days during the summer and falling colored leaves during the autumn. There is also lake in the Kent part to refresh during summer and ski resort near by.

Basically, anything you need You can find in the city or within its reach. For students there are great libraries, a lot of dormitories, students restaurants, clubs, theaters, cinemas, all the essencials for having the best student life possible.