The challange

The main function of research is improving certain elements that research is focused on. It can be qualitative or quantitative, depending whether the focus is on quality or numerical values. Most of the researches are made for scientific or academic purposes, but more and more researches are made to improve the quality of human life.  The main issue that researchers are facing are lack of knowledge, dealing with data, methodology, lack of interest, focus, motivation, fear of failure or choosing inappropriate strategy.

The opportunity

As we are focused on youth and local community, we need research in order to get the information on what is necessary in our surroundings, what is lacking, what problems people have that we can help with, what can we provide them and to whom. We have the power to make changes and we want to address them to those more in need. Youth is our future and by helping them, we are creating and building a future. Although Youth is our primary focus, in order to reach every individual in need, we are starting with more inclusive projects that will involve other age groups and depending on their needs, we will adopt our actions.

Our strategy

As a young organization, we are missing a lot of knowledge, but we are on the track of improving that. After our projects, we are making evaluation meetings in order to get feedbacks from our participants. We value their opinion and comments whether they are good or bad. We embrace critics and use them as a tool for improvement. We take suggestions and wishes from participants and apply them in future work. With the type of open questioner  and with the help our social media, we are doing our research, but not just for the sake of us, but for the sake of society.