The challange

The number of stray animals is huge and in rising. A lot of animals are being left on the streets, without food and shelter with no one to take care of them. And it is a hard mission, the animals are widespread everywhere, in villages, cities, nature, it is almost impossible to reach all of them.

Turkey is especially famous as a country with a large number of stray cats and dogs. In every city in Turkey, you may find a lot of stray animals. Luckily, these animals are being fed by locals and with the support of government, they get all the necessary treatment.

The opportunity

The opportunity we have is that we are fortunate to have a lot of local young volunteers who are eager to help in each and every one of our activities. The spirit of our team and volunteers is caring and they want to help and contribute to the community. For our projects which consist of various activities and try to reach all parts of the society, we are getting money support from EU Erasmus+ programs and help from local government.

Our strategy

Within our local projects, we are organizing activities for feeding the stray animals in our city. We are financing the food and with the help of the volunteers we are giving away food for cats and dogs. For all of our activities, we take photos and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Website in order to promote this caring action and motivate other people to do the same.