You can volunteer at Proder NGO.

1- Fill in Google Forms.
2- Let us know by e-mail.
3- We register you in our database.
4- Mark your country and where you live.
5- Add you to our Volunteer Network Whatsapp Group.
6- Let’s Work Together.

Dissemination Volunteer;

– Share on Social Media Accounts.
– Announces Campaigns.
– Raising Awareness.
– Awarded with “Proder Disseminator Certificate”

Facilitator Volunteers;

– Takes part in the activities in his / her area of expertise.
– Gives trainings in his / her area of expertise.
– Awarded with “Proder Trainer” and “Proder Facilitator” Certificates.

Participant Volunteers;

– Attends our events.
– Participate in our mobility.
– Awarded with “Proder Participant Certificate”