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UNESCO declares 2021 as the Year of Yunus Emre, Hacı Bektâş Velî and Ahî Evran

Every two years UNESCO’s Director-General requests National Commissions of each country to send a maximum of two proposals of possible commemorations of historical and cultural heritages. The applications are sent until September and if approved, in January of the next year.  In January 2021 UNESCO proclaimed the Anniversary of Commemoration and Celebration of Yunus Emre, […]

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Profit and Non-profit organizations

If you live in the 21rst century globalized society you probably already know what profit and non-profit organizations are.  Profit organizations are businesses that are born and exist with the aim of receiving revenues, surpluses or expenditures. Non-profit organizations exist to offer specific services for society, and they cannot rely on revenues.  This is very […]

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