Go Offline, Feel Alive-Third Day

Go Offline, Feel Alive-Third Day


On the third day the morning exercise was animal flow lead by Yagmur and Mehmet, member of Cifteler Wrestling team, who also showed them some stretching moves that wrestling team is using during/after their practice.

After the workout, it was as usual Turkish breakfast time and after that presentation time.

On this day for presentation were in charge Romanian team with the topic How to deal with Internet addiction and Proder team held a presentation with topics: Erasmus+ and How to spend your leisure time.

The Romanians gather the participants into the circle and started to share their experiences with Internet addiction. Two members of Romanian team share their personal story and consequences about Internet addiction during lockdown.

After the Romanias held the presentation, Proder Interns Amalia and Rachel had one about Erasmus+ programs and opportunities, such as: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Erasmus+ Internship and Erasmus+Student Exchange.

Proder Intern Robert held a presentation about how to spend leisure time. He prepared a questionnaire about how participants prefer to spend their free time.


Third day of the project we continued with the same activities as previous day, considering that not all the participants had the chance to try out scuba diving and canoeing. For the other who already try out these thing, we offer bicycle riding. The group was free to ride around the camp and nearby city.


In the evening, we organized self-defense class lead by Yagmur, Turkish participant. Self-defense is an important and useful thing, we never know in which situations can we end up. Participants were divided into groups of 2 and each of them try out the moves with the supervision of Yagmur.

After the class, it was dinner time and free time for everyone to rest.