Go Offline, Feel Alive-Second Day

Go Offline, Feel Alive-Second Day


First thing in the morning that we do is setting up the tone for the rest of the day. If we start the day active we will stay active trough the whole day. That is why morning exercise was one of the essentials of our project. It is very hard to wake up early in the morning, but still not impossible especially if you have whole day full of adventures ahead of you.

Our morning exercise on the second way was held by our Croatian Intern Petrina and the exercise were consisted of warm up, stretching and light cardio.

After the workout it was breakfast time and then presentation time.

From the campsite we moved to Çifteler Belediyesi building and we started with the ice-breaker game. The participants were divided into two lines, standing right behind another. The last person in the line was supposed to write the word on the back of the person in front of them and that person had to guess what was that word and write the same word on the back of the person in front of them. The final result should be that last word written on piece of paper is the same as the first written word.

After this slightly unsuccessful game the Slovakian and Italian team hosted a presentation.

The Slovakian team had an interactive presentation and they required from the attendants to divide themselves into the groups and write according to their opinion how does the Internet addicted person behave. After they shared their answers, each of them was given a questionnaire to see if the participants belong to the Internet addicted group.

The Italian team had presentation about the harms of Internet addiction and their way of presenting was encouraging audience to give answers to questions and debate.


Afternoon was consisted out of the same activities as previous day: canoeing and scuba diving. The team who did canoeing previous day, on this day they did scuba diving and other way around.

The process of scuba diving takes a lot of time. Although there were just 6 participants in the group, it takes a lot of time for all of them to get the equipment on and to go through the short lectures about scuba diving given by local scuba diving instructor Derya.


After a bit exhausting day and activities, participants had free time to rest or to do other things such as playing with the ball, another round of canoeing, sleeping, etc.

After the dinner, we held a short meeting just to clarify the schedule and set up some rules, but after that participants were free.