Go Offline, Feel Alive-Last Day

Go Offline, Feel Alive-Last Day

Last Day of the project we started with breakfast and after that it was time to pack and return all the equipment such as tents, mats, sleeping bags. We gathered all the things and it was time to say goodbye to Sakarya Başı and its staff. We express our gratitude and it was time to departure to Eskisehir.

After arriving in Eskisehir, the participant left their things in hotel and after we had a trip to Sazova park and Odunpazarı district.

Before entering Sazova park, we read the notes from Gossip box. Gossip box is an item meant for participants to secretly express their opinion about people, project; to share some gossips, express their interest in someone, praise someone.

The content of the box will stay a secret among those who were present during the reading of its content.

Sazova park is a sort of Disneyland of Turkey. With castle resembling like the one from Disneyland, a Pirate ship, a Miniature park with small replicas of the worlds most majestic buildings. It is a great park to explore and relax.

After Sazova we went to Odunpazarı , a historical district of Eskisehir with many shops selling famous meerschaum goods such as pipes and decorations. It is also a place of old Ottoman colorful houses with many restaurants selling specific Eskisehir foods such as ciborek and balaban kebap.

After the trip, participants returned to hotel and in the evening we hosted another farewell party.

And that was it. Our first project was successfully finished with happy participants who returned home with many nice memories, moments and new friendships.