Go Offline, Feel Alive-Fourth Day

Go Offline, Feel Alive-Fourth Day

Morning and Afternoon

Last day of the project that we spent in Sakarya Başı was lead in morning by Croatian Intern Petrina. The exercises were consisted of handball warm-up, running and abdominal workouts.

After the breakfast it was time for a field trip in nearby district of Han. The Han district is most know for Yazılıkaya, an old Phrygian Sanctuary that consisted out of settlement, Midas City and a number of rock-cut reliefs, of which the most famous is the Midas Monument, manuscripted temple.

We had a tour around Yazılıkaya with the local security guide who was telling us stories about the monuments and city. After the tour, we had lunch there and after we returned to Sakarya Başı where participants had some free time until dinner.


The last official night of the project was full of events. After dinner, we organized a mechanical bull ridding competition in a nearby amusement park. Each participant had a chance to try out to bull ridding first and after that decide weather they want to enter the competition or not.

The rules of the competition were clear, the one who spend the longest time ridding the bull is the winner. The prize for the winner was cowboy hat.

The winner for the female part was Yagmur, Turkish participant who study Sport Science; and for the male competitors the winner was Nehar, also Turkish participant who is member of Turkish National Wrestling team. He was without the doubt the complete winner with lasting more than 2 minutes on the bull.

After the bull ridding competition it was time for distribution of the Youthpasses. Youthpass is a sort of diploma that each participant was given as a evidence for participating in the informal education project. Youthpass proves the willingness and effort that participants are investing in their education outside of the formal institutions. If we spent our free time doing something that is contributing to our skills and future, our future employees will value that.

After each group was call-out and assigned with Youthpass, we shared baklava with the participant and had an farewell party which was marked with Turkish songs and traditional dances.

It was a great and fun way to conclude the project in the Turkish spirit.