New year, new activities

New year, new activities

New year, new beginnings, new activities. In the first week of the year 2021 we gather our local volunteers and made a project of feeding stray dogs and cats in the city of Eskisehir.

With the hope that this year will bring us much more normality and happiness than previous one, we desided to start this year very actively.

Turkey is well known in the world for a large number of stray dogs and cats in the streets, actually not just on the streets, in the bars, restaurants, etc. Althought on the mention of stray animals we have negative conotations and we think that they should be put in shelter or be adopted; which is not so realistic due to their large number, the reality is that in Turkey animals are treated very well.

There is a lot of humanity in people of Turkey, which has its origin in Muslim religion, and that is to help thoose less fortunate and provide them basic needs, because nobady should be hungry, thirsty or withouth a home.

These animals in all of Turkey’s urban centers get services from local governments: shelter, regular feeding, sterilization and medical checks by trained veterinarians. If you come closer to the animal, you will see a tag in their ear, which means they have been sterilised, given a shot against parasites and checked by veterinarians. They are peacefull in their nature, easy approciable and cudly.

Due to great love for animals, in the city of Eskisehir was even openned the first cat caffe in all the Turkey and it is common to have a cat or a dog as a pet, especially if You are a student.

So to make contribution to the society, with the funds of the Government of Eskisehir, we bought food for dogs and cats, prepared packages with the help of our local volunteers and distribute them to local cats and dogs.

In the pictures below, You can see the preparation of the packages with our ESC and local volunteers.

There is plenty of projects and activities ahead of us, anybody can join and participate, give us ideas and we will help with their realisation. Because we are all part of the society and we should all contribute in building a better world.

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