Call Number: PR.01

Call Number: PR.01

ESC in Viseu with Adamastor – Associação Cultural

Adamastor – Associação Cultural is looking for volunteers also from Turkey that join their 7 months project in Viseu. The participants will help create outdoor activities, workshops and online content to dynamic Fontelo Youth Center. Combining online and face-to-face, preparing cultural and social inclusion activities and sharing civic values with the youngsters of Viseu.


Volunteer must be: – motivated, is essential for the continuity of volunteering as well as for the success of the actions; – participative,it is essential for the accomplishment of different tasks and for the promotion of the promoting entity; – teamwork – being able to work in teams is fundamental to the success of the activities developed; – respectful.

⏳ Application deadline: 30/11/2020.

Send your CV and Cover Letter to:

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